JACK REYNOLDS | Travel Footwear

JACK REYNOLDS | Travel Footwear

CroftJack Reynolds

So firstly, you've just come back from the States? How was it?

Cold! But in all seriousness. I had a ball. It was so motivating and refreshing to connect with other social media influencers, photographers and brands. It's crazy to think that these opportunities are available thanks to social media. 

You seemed to have visited a lot of places! Which was your favourite destination/state?

Los Angeles - definitely, and I'm not just saying that because the weather was good. LA has so much to offer from breathtaking beachy sunsets to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. 

What do you think of New York Fashion?

When you think of 'fashion', New York is one of the first places you think of! Interesting enough NY fashion somewhat reminded me of Melbourne in a sense because of its versatility. New York fashion is definitely a game changer. 

How did you find the Cadman boots as travel footwear?

The Cadman boots were a life saver. I didn't realise how cold New York is in March! I was very active during my five days in New York. That being said, the Cadman boots were the perfect boots, they aren't too bulky/heavy and definitely handled the weather. 

What are your favourite choices for kicking back?

To be honest, it felt like I was never kicking back. New York is a city built off hustle and bustle, that being said its 'go go go', I was staying in the Lower East so my mornings started by kicking back in a cafe to get my fix of caffeine for the day. 

If you had to choose, what is your most desirable shoe style to have in your wardrobe?

I'm really digging monk straps at the moment. They are so adaptable with any outfit. 

What is your go-to Saturday night on the town attire?

Now it's starting to get colder I'm definitely loving the look of suede shoes, dark denim jeans, mixed with either a plain tee or collared shirt and sports blazer.

What would be your next Croft shoe choice?

I have always wanted a pair of Chelsea boots, so I have been eyeing off the Camden boot in Cigar. They can replace my suede brogues on a Saturday night for sure!

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