• THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO CROFT • Featuring The New AW18 Range

• THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO CROFT • Featuring The New AW18 Range

They say to walk a day in someone else’s shoes, and since we wear croft, why don’t you take a stroll in ours? Here’s a glimpse into how we do what we do so well, and what went into bringing the AW18 collection to life.

[ Image : Croft HQ ]

As you know, we do most things differently here at Croft. From producing in our Chinese factory that we built from scratch to ensure authenticity, down to the incorporation of our home culture into each design.


We believe in the perfect balance of timeless silhouettes and new materials, textures and colours to evolve our designs. With the combination of tradition and innovation, comes a product that provides quality through tried and true shoemaking techniques and a trendy, modern look.


[ Image : The Duke Black ]

[ Image : The Norris Ranch Suede ]



We love our hometown (who wouldn’t?) and pull inspiration from the diversity Melbourne offers to create a product that can suit everyone. Whether it be a rugged biker boot, an elegant loafer or the mandatory Chelsea, anyone can slip into a Croft shoe. Just make sure you get the right size.


How we evolve


“Many of our constructions have stood the test of time & have been with us since day one. Injections of new materials & colours, fresh patterns & textures can provide enough of a difference to a timeless shape.” Says Paul La Rosa, Owner and Designer here at Croft.

From the classic styles of the Grant and Depp, to our strongest sellers of the season; the Camden boot in Ranch suede & the Dustin in Cigar. These popular styles prove that sometimes less is more.


The Range


AW18 brings a blend of timeless shape and soft suedes in an autumn colour pallet. With the Norris boot being introduced for the first time in suede, we’re all sorts of excited. We took advantage of the fact that there is no one trend that dominates – everything goes & all is relevant. This gave us the opportunity to focus on making our own statement.


“The earthy elements have always existed in our range, however this season they are more prevalent across the collection. When demand is solid for a particular look, it gives us confidence to expand the offer by injecting texture using soft suedes in warm autumn colour tones.”

[ Image left : The Dustin Cigar ]

[ Image right : The Duke Cigar ]


AW18 brought reinforcement in our range of Chelsea boots (because who doesn’t dig a Chelsea boot?). Duke is a rounder toe Chelsea, on a heavier outsole, which offers an alternative to the almond toe shape of the Camden. We like options.


[ Image : The Lyon Black ]


We know it’s getting chilly, so we also added the warmth of Ranch Suede to the autumn pallet across both the Norris & Camden.


“AW18 also sees an update to the Dylan & Lee with the arrival of Dustin & Lyon respectively. Both these styles have a new outsole that is designed to offer increased comfort & durability for the rigors of a bitter Melbourne winter.”



Shop our AW18 collection now, so you don’t need to worry about getting cold feet.

Tip on styling the Norris boots from the boss man himself?

“Pair them with a rolled cuff, skinny denim or Chino. Complete the look with your favourite winter town coat or bomber jacket. Piercings, tattoos or beards are optional accessories.”



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