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COFFEE SUPREME | The Abbotsford Club

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We caught up with Sharan Ranjit, manager from The Abbotsford Club by Coffee Supreme to see what it takes to fuel an entire city on what all Melbourner's love - a good cup of coffee!

How long have you been working for Coffee Supreme?

After moving from Auckland, New Zealand in 2012, I started work as a barista for The Abbotsford Club Coffee Supreme in 2015. A year later, after learning the ropes and pumping out a tonne of chinos, I became the manager. 

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What are the unwritten rules of working in the Coffee Supreme roastery?

Love coffee.
Love customers.
Love Barista socks.
Love Supreme.

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What sets you guys apart, do you think, from other baristas?

Training is invested into our staff at The Abbotsford Club. Not only in the art of making a delicious cup, but their knowledge of coffee, from palate development, to manual brew methods.
Also the retail side of our establishment, where our baristas help you select the perfect coffee to brew at your home, office or cafe, no matter how you choose to drink it.

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Can you give an incredible, amazing fact about coffee that we would never of heard of?

Coffee is bigger than just the cup. Coffee is connection, it brings people together, and we want to help faciliate that connection. Whether it's with the farmers and their families we visit, or our fans who enjoy a brew with us!
Hospitality is a massive part of who we are.

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From plantation fields to a cuppa, what's the turnaround time? Roughly?

The journey isn't as simple as some may think. It takes three years for a coffee plant to grow from a seed to it's first harvest; taking a further nine months for the full development and ripening of the coffee cherry. It will then take six months from harvest before it is shipped for two months to us. Once received by our roaster the final process of Quality Control and roast profiling takes place and 1-2 weeks later you're drinking a damn fine cup of coffee!

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Why do flavours vary so much from where they are sourced?

Climate and altitude play a large part in the distincitve flavours a bean can give. The ideal conditions for growing coffee can be found across the globe, spanning several countires that fall into an area known as the Coffee Belt. However, other factors such as bean varietals and washing processes can also contribute to a unique coffee profile.

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Which is your favourite brew? Why?

I personally enjoy the flavour I get from a Chemex. Clean, crisp and complex. Not to mention delicious when chilled in the summer with a big ice cube. Sometimes with a dash of our Naughty Milk. So refreshing!

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We all know Melbourner's love their coffee, morning, noon and even night (just with a sneaky martini partner). You guys are the backbone of this city! Just tell us how much effort truly goes into a good cup of coffee gold?

A lot of care is taken in any coffee we serve at The Abbotsford Club. Quality control is a big part, where our coffees are dialed in on a daily basis and recipies checked throughout the day. If serving a manual brew, we always taste the coffee before serving to ensure our customer will always receive a coffee we feel is well respected.

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Will Coffee Supreme be involved in any events this Summer?

Having recently completed a residency at the La Mazocco cafe in the campus of radio KEXP in Seattle, we have now launched a pop-up space in Shibuya, Japan showcasing the best of what Coffee Supreme has to offer. From our expertly roasted beans to our eye catching merchandise. We are very excited for summer 2017/18!

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You guys have the luxury to wear what you want to work? What's your usual get up?

Although a smart casual appraoch is taken to our uniform standards, and a necessary apron, I tend to incorporate something rad from our merchandise line into my own attire. A t-shirt or an enamel pin, but almost always a pair of our comfy Barista Socks.

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Do you find your work wear close to your casual wear? And does this aid your style?

When I'm not working, my general attire consists of simple basics which I'll pair with vintage clothing. In particular, Japenese labels such as Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garcons.

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